A Foot Of Changes

Falling Furies
Falling Furies

I try to begin the new year with a rough plan for work projects, I use a mind map because it makes the disparate aspects of my working life look more cohesive, and I stick it to the wall of my studio to refer to if I lose my way…..which I do…..a lot. There are times when it all makes perfect sense and others when I stare at it….especially the hard, challenging stuff and think…..well, maybe next year…

So, a few changes in my working and creative life recently. Not changes that I have had any control over, and at first glance they might seem like bumps in the road. However it has got me thinking about how I focus my energies.

The changes have come in aspects of my working life where I have become comfortable and feel safe and secure. On reflection, I was probably also treading water quite a bit too. So it looks like, pushing myself out of the comfort zone is what lies ahead.

Aspects of your life might seem to tick all the boxes in terms of fulfilling your personal hopes and desires. However I have come to realise that things aren’t always what they seem…..so….sometimes the right thing is to let this stuff go, move on and try another route.

I have been allowing a bit more time for yoga in my schedule and have combined it with my own version of meditation, or as I like to think of it, ‘sitting quietly for a few minutes for no other reason.’

This, without a doubt is a positive addition to my life, and I wonder if this is part of the reason I am ok with the changes afoot? Either that or I am merely skipping on over the abyss with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye, oblivious to the danger ahead….

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