Seasons Change

'Hyndford Knowe' L Higgins

Without any real plan, life seems to settle into regular and ever changing patterns. Even when we think we have set ourselves adrift it seems we inevitably get caught in the ebb and flow. The summer season for me is less productive in terms of the creation of new work, however I set my mind to attempt to exhibit more widely and found a quirky new gallery outside Ayr near the infamous Electric Brae. The gallery is owned by artist Roddy McKenzie and his wife Alison and set in a big old house right on the stunning Croy Shore. Worth a visit at the weekend for the carrot cake alone….

I also placed myself at the mercy of the selectors for two open exhibitions. The Royal Scottish Academy Open in Edinburgh and the North Ayrshire Open Art in Kilwinning. Happy to report that I made the cut at both shows. The RSA show runs until 30th August 2016, and features the image above ‘Hyndford Knowe’.

As I wave the offspring back to school, my attention turns to painting again, a few wee ideas running around my head, which is always an exciting time. I have quite a structured system now for preparing canvas so I have a few on the go at once, which keeps the momentum going in the studio as one piece falls out of favour, there is always something else to work on.

I will have some new work in The Compass Gallery in the next week or so, and will have a few pieces on show at the Lapada Art  Fair with Portal Painters


“August rain:the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.” Sylvia Plath


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