Louise Higgins’ paintings celebrate natures design. The flowing patterns of the landscape portray a deep connection with the land and its features, presenting the viewer with whimsical stories from the artist’s imaginings.”

Higgins was born at the end of the summer of 69’. Growing up in Ayrshire she attended Glasgow School of Art from 1987-1991, winning the Elizabeth Greenshields award in 1989, and the Millar Homes Scholarship for study in Paris, which she shared with her close friend, artist Abigail McLellan.

“My mind wanders to a place where I can see pictures everywhere. I come from a small Ayrshire village, lived for a while in the city and have now settled in Lanarkshire. The Landscape in the shires has crept into my psyche it seems and my new work has appeared as a world where people and landscape interact.

When I’m lost I love looking at work by artists across a wide range of genres. I love the tension in the Carel Weight town scenes, and the colour in the landscapes of the Glasgow Boys. I am captivated by the figures in the work of Leonora Carrington, and Hieronymus Bosch.

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