Space…the final frontier

So, here we find ourselves in 2021 amidst a global pandemic. Honestly that feels like a rather O.T.T statement for one not prone to drama, however accurate. It would be odd not to mention it. 2020 was an exceptionally odd year, personally and professionally my little world has been rocked on its axis. I reflect upon the fact that I was very clear that I would not succumb to ‘Blog Guilt’ however I feel I’ve taken that to an extreme by not posting anything for almost 5 years. This also reflects the amount of attention I have given to the attached website. A slight cringe when people ask if I have a website… Here I am…taking it on….

This follows an extremely exciting development in my creative world. That of the building of my garden studio, or Shedio as it has been christened. A happy band of friends and family gathered together over a few weekends in Deepest, Darkest, Wettest November in Scotland to build a log cabin which came with Lithuanian instructions. Consisting of:

‘Here is wood’

Some of them still remain my friends and family. The Shedio is my love, my sanctuary, my place of peace and focus. (Cue romantic music). I care not, I love her. So much that I really don’t want to put all my accumulated art crap inside her beautiful tidy interior. So this has resulted in a gradual move in phase, and a lot of chucking out. I have waited a long time for a proper space to work. I have, over the last 10 years worked in an attic, kitchen, corner of my bedroom/livingroom amongst a few house moves this has not been conducive to a cohesive working environment and its really inefficient!

Despite this…despite heartbreak, despite upheaval, despite uncertainty I have continued to work. I can look back and reflect on that with a wee tingle of pride. This might be the reason that Lockdown and Loss have not caused me to lose my flow. I have faltered on many occasions but something always pulls me back. Mainly stubborn arsedness.

Just my personal reflection on this time, I am aware of time slipping past and still so much to do.

Now I can breathe….I can stretch my little creative wings and fly……….

Featured image ‘The Three Mothers’ oil on canvas

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