How much is it worth?

It seems to me, and here’s the thing…. The monetary value I place on the work that I make might be based on my physical ability to create a certain amount of work before I die.

It occurred to me the other day….that these physical objects have a potential life beyond mine. Unless they come to some tragic fate. (OK tragic might be taking it a bit far) however on this train of thought I realised that there is a finite amount of painting that I will create in my time on this earth.

Others seem to see the monetary value of artworks. For me, the only financial element is allowing me the freedom to create more work. To delve a wee bit deeper, to keep poking away. I have no desire to be rich. Aside from the slight yearning to live in a huge old house, (I think I would like the space and I’d love to start my days sweeping down a big staircase….just for a wee while.) And my frustration that my world traveling ambitions are regularly curbed by lack of cash.

Being a freelance artist for a few years and dipping in and out of jobs. I think this life suits me best. Essentially I would happily spend all my time in the studio painting, however it pains me to admit I have developed other skills over the years that I can utilise to bring in some money. Whilst I will always try to tip the scales in favour of studio time, being in the world, travelling around and interacting with other people is probably where most of the work comes from.

I always cringe a wee bit when I see the ‘support your local tradesman’ signs….and ‘buying from an independent trader means your not supporting a multinational’ etc etc. It always comes across as a wee bit worthy.

However…..and this brings me back to my original point… I pour over the paintings in my studio, hour after hour, happy as a clam, sharing with the world the images in my head..… much is it worth?

2 thoughts on “How much is it worth?

  1. No kidding, how much is it worth? I had a long conversation about this yesterday.

  2. and did you draw any conclusions Jill?……

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