March Musings

Up With The Larch
Up With The Larch

I am taking a tentative step into the blogging world with my first post. It is accidental that my website is posted on a blogging site, or maybe not as this site was recommended by an established blogger, thank you Jan Patience!

I enjoy writing and my cunning plan is to write the stuff down that rolls round my head in the hope that it stops. This should allow me to stop wittering away my time trying to distract myself on facebook and the OCD checking of my emails……Until I am running a multinational company I suspect that there is no great requirement for me to check for emails every 10-15 minutes…..seriously.

This has been a quirky little month so far, with a few creative changes in my schedule. Combined with the usual random high and lows of consumerism which is my current paymaster. I was delighted to sell ‘Up With The Larch’ at the Affordable Art Fair with Portal Painters. Its always really intriguing to see which work is going to sell and not always the work that you think. I am still extremely grateful to the people who buy my work, because its the only way I can keep making it.

I am coming to the end of some contractual arts development work and for the first time I have nothing ‘pending’. I wonder if this is because I haven’t put myself in the position to be recruited, if the work is drying up or if I am perhaps destined to another direction. Working for local authorities has kept the wolf from the door over the last few years, but maybe I need to embrace the wolf and go cold turkey on ‘money from the man’?

There is no doubt that it takes up a lot of creative and physical energy, not to mention diesel! I could easily spend each and every day in my studio or ‘the houwf’ as its affectionately?…known. However with 2 weans, a dug, a cat and a husband to support (the latter being a mutual arrangement) its a brave wummin who relies on working her tail off on work which just might sell……

yours aye


1 thought on “March Musings

  1. Just read your first post – I hope you’re enjoying blogging. I started on Feb 14, 2014 (the only reason I remember is it was Valentine’s Day which meant candy!) – Blogging has been wonderful – there are so many talented people like you, sharing their art and thoughts – as a fellow artist, it’s like having coffee and create sessions with new friends…
    Have a great day, Louise 🙂

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